Pink eye and pink cake

Today marks day 3 of my latest pink eye outbreak. Lucky me, I’ve had pink eye about 20 times in my life. And while no one really enjoys having red itchy eyes, taking drops that make the back of your throat taste like metal, and waking up with goo in your lashes, it does have its perks. Aside from the eyes, you feel perfectly fine - highly contagious, but fine.

So while I’m forced to spend yet another day in lockdown as to not infect the outside world, I’ve decided to make today fun and decorate a cake. I’m not sure I’ll have a lot of people lining up to eat this one since it may be “infected,” but I guess that just means there’s more cake for me.

And here’s the finished product…

Alright. I’ve spent long enough staring at it, taking pictures of it and writing about it. I’d say it’s about time for some taste-testing.

Special thanks to my pink eyes for giving me a fun day off of work. At least you were good for something.

- Lu