Peanut butter ritz cookies

One of my favorite traditions I always looked forward to each Christmas was the huge spread of sweets my grandma would make. Each year the dessert table would be piled high with fudge, chocolate-covered peanuts, chocolate-covered graham crackers, chocolate-covered pretzels (do you see a pattern yet) and my absolute favorite, chocolate-covered peanut butter ritz crackers.

Sadly she passed away several years ago, and no one has taken over her candy-making. When I started my 101 List this fall, I decided to add that to the list (#38: make Christmas candy, Grandma’s old recipes)- it’s about time we revived the tradition.

I know you may already have your Christmas prepping done, but if you’re looking for a quick and easy treat, even after the holidays, here’s the directions for grandma’s famous peanut butter ritz cookies:


  • Ritz crackers
  • Peanut butter
  • Chocolate almond bark


1. Make a number of peanut butter crackers (quantity of your choice).

2. Melt chocolate almond bark in the microwave, stopping and stirring every minute or two.

3. Using a fork, dip each peanut butter cracker in chocolate, covering fully.

4. Place coated cracker on wax paper to dry.

And here’s the finished product….

Hope you get a chance to try them out. You won’t be sorry!