Little Einsteins fondant cake

During Thanksgiving break, we decided to celebrate my niece’s 2nd birthday while the family was together. And of course, we needed a cake. So my sister asked me to bring all my cake supplies to Florida and teach her how to make a fondant cake for the big party.

Now normally I pretty much wing my cake designs. I randomly choose a color, use whatever shapes I have in cookie cutters, which aren’t many, and create my design around any tears I have in the fondant.

My sister, however, had much bigger plans - a little Einsteins cake with clouds, grass and flowers, the four main characters circling the cake, and cupcakes surrounding it topped with fondant-shaped rockets. Quite adventurous for her first cake!

So while other families were watching football and taking naps on Thanksgiving, we were elbow-deep in icing and fondant, which to me was more fun than anything else we could have done on the holidays. It was also nice to decorate a cake with someone else, especially my sister. I wish she lived closer so we could do this more often.

In the end, it was the hit of the party. The birthday girl and all her little friends loved it, which made it worth all the hard work.

As for my 101 List (#10 - Decorate 20 fondant cakes), only 16 more to go.



When you wish upon a star…

A couple weeks ago, I found out my boyfriend’s mom and step-dad were coming to visit us in Nashville. Great, I thought, I always love company. What I didn’t find out until they were on their way here was that it was also his mom’s birthday.

Since I’m all about decorating cakes these days, I thought it was only appropriate that I made one for her. Unfortunately it was already Sunday evening, we were on our way to a friend’s house for dinner, and they were arriving the next day!

So in a panic, I went back home, gathered my baking supplies, and brought them along to our friend’s. Thankfully he didn’t mind me borrowing his kitchen to whip up my cakes after dinner. Half way done…

After we hung out for a bit, I packed up my cakes and went home. Now for the hard part - the decorating. I worked for hours, and at 1:30 a.m. I finally finished.

When she saw her cake the next day, she loved it. And I was so glad I took the time to make it for her. Another cake success, I’d say…

Happy birthday Shelby! Hope your birthday wishes come true.

- Lu