Portland, Maine

The boyfriend and I recently spent a week in Portland, Maine, and we both quickly fell in in love with its historic charm. It’s such a cute, quaint town full of old brick buildings and stone streets. I just love cities like this!

Of course the scenery is just as beautiful as the town. To get a better glimpse, the boyfriend and I took a 3-hour ferry ride from Portland to all the surrounding islands. It was breathtaking!

One thing we found from the ferry was another lighthouse to explore - Spring Point Ledge Light. Much to my surprise, you could actually walk all the way out to the lighthouse on the rocky pathway. It was awesome.

Similar to Portland Head Light, this lighthouse was also surrounded by old forts from past wars, which kept Tanner entertained for hours.

Since we had a car, we also did a lot of exploring in nearby towns. We stopped at Old Orchard Beach to see this unique pier…

Our next stop was Ogunquit to explore the Perkins Cove area. Here we discovered this long canopy full of white wooden beach chairs - what a find! We spent quite a long time sitting here reading and enjoying the view of the ocean.

Our last pit stop was in Cape Neddick to see Nubble Lighthouse. Sadly the lighthouse sits out on an island, so you can’t actually get to the grounds. It was still beautiful to see from across the way though.

If it wasn’t for their arctic winter, I’d move to Portland in a heartbeat. Guess I’ll just settle for visiting in the summer.

Til next time,



Portland Head Light

Located in Fort Williams Park, this place was our first - and favorite - stop during our vacation in Portland, Maine. The entire park is gorgeous, from the beautiful lighthouse to the breathtaking view of the ocean.

I loved how nothing was roped off or restricted in the park, so you could go anywhere you wanted. Tanner and I spent hours exploring the shoreline around the lighthouse. And the second day we came here, I spent much of it sitting on the cliffs gazing at the ocean. There’s just something I love about a rocky coast.

Of course, Tanner’s favorite part about the park was the history. There were tons of old forts lining the park, most of which were remnants of World War I & II. It was fascinating to learn how these were used so long ago.

Before we headed out on our last day, I begged to come back one last time. Of course, it didn’t take much begging since Tanner wanted to do some more exploring. We ended up spending another half day here before driving on to Niagara Falls (more on that later).

In just two short days, this park and lighthouse has become my new favorite place. And I can now mark another thing off my 101 List (# 7 - visit a lighthouse). If you get a chance to visit Portland, don’t leave without seeing it. You won’t be sorry!


Food finds in Portland, ME

One of the things I enjoyed most during our trip to Portland last week was trying out their local restaurants. Below is a run-down of some of our best finds…

1) Miss Portland Diner - One of the items on my 101 List is to eat at an old-fashioned diner (#8). So when I discovered this adorable diner was in town, I begged the boyfriend to eat there with me.

Walking into the diner car, it was  just how I imagined an old-school diner looking. How perfect!

And of course, you have to order a burger and shake at a diner, right? I even got a side of sweet potato fries (one of my new favorites). It was delicious.

2) The Crooked Mile - Probably my favorite find on the trip. This little sandwich shop served the most amazing grilled cheese, which seemed to be their specialty. They also had a wide variety of unique sandwiches, a few soups (including tomato) and delicious homemade cookies for dessert. We ended up spending a few rainy afternoons here reading and enjoying the food.

3) Flatbread Pizza Co. (site) - We tried out three pizza places in Portland, and this was by far the best. It was my very first time eating at a stone oven pizza place and definitely won’t be my last.

What makes this place so unique (besides the stone oven) was their wide variety of crazy toppings and combinations. We ordered half spicy pepperoni for me (which was VERY spicy and very good) and half of their special - mashed potatos, corn, beef and cheese - for the boyfriend. Yes, I realize this seems disgusting, but I did end up trying it and it was surprisingly very good. It must be common in New England too because every pizza place we went to served it. If you’re not scared, it’s definitely worth trying!

(My apologies for the horrible picture - it was really dark inside.)

4) Beal’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream -A cute little ice cream parlor that serves a ton of different flavors and even makes their own frozen yogurt. I ordered a heathbar hot fudge brownie sundae (delicious) and Tanner got the biggest ice cream cone I’ve ever seen…

5) Flo’s Hot Dogs - Locals tell me this little hot dog hut is an institution in the Portland area. Located along Route 1 in Cape Neddick, Maine, Flo’s Hot Dogs is a famous family-owned steamed hot dog restaurant. Just be warned, they ONLY serve hot dogs and they only have a few toppings to choose from, one of which is their famous relish. We were a little disappointed they didn’t have cheese or chili, but it was still a good basic hot dog.


Inn on Carleton: Portland, ME

Last week the boyfriend and I headed out on an eight-day road trip. Two days and thirteen states later, we ended up here - the Inn on Carleton - where we spent four nights and five days exploring the city.

Normally on a trip this long, I can’t wait to get home and sleep in my own bed again, but not this time. I fell in love with this Inn and almost cried the day we checked out. I could’ve stayed forever.

The home is an amazing three-story historic building built in the 1800s, a gem in and of itself.

The front door opens to this gorgeous entryway leading up to the rooms.

Of course, I got the best room in the house. Since we came just before peak season started, we actually got to pick. Below is the one I chose, fully equipped with an electric fireplace and a massive bathroom with an old-school claw tub and a double-headed shower.

Each morning, we couldn’t wait to head down to the kitchen where the Inn Keeper Buddy served us the most amazing breakfast.

Being the extreme picky eater that I am, I’m not one to normally care much about food, but he was quite the cook. For the most part, we got to choose what we wanted, and Buddy would whip up a homemade breakfast made to order. Below are several of his picture-perfect dishes…

Side of strawberries with homemade whip cream.

One of our daily pastry appetizers.

Scrambled eggs and my latest addiction - English muffins. That’s right, I’d never had an English muffin before (I’m picky remember).

Homemade Belgian waffles.

And for our final day - stuffed blueberry french toast.

What I enjoyed just as much as the Inn and the food though was the Inn Keeper Buddy and his assistant Sonya. They were so friendly and fun to talk to that the boyfriend and I couldn’t wait to come down for breakfast and visit with them each morning. I’d actually revisit the Inn just so I could see them again.

All that said, if you’re ever planning a trip to the Portland area, be sure and check out the Inn on Carleton. I’m pretty sure you won’t want to go home either.

Check back soon for more on our trip, including our Portland food adventures, lighthouse explorations, and our days in Philly and Niagara Falls.

Til next time,