Christmas shopping in NYC

Marie and I covered a lot of ground shopping in New York last week. Here are a few of our favorite stops we discovered along the way:

1) Macy’s, Herald Square - This was probably the most decked-out place in all of New York City. As soon as you walk inside, it’s like a holiday explosion. The ceilings are lined with millions of Christmas balls, the halls are trimmed with garland archways and the top floor is converted into “Holiday Lane” - an entire floor filled with hundreds of Christmas trees. It’s absolutely magical.

And of course, the window displays were amazing. They featured the “Yes Virginia” story, and each window played a portion of the tale. It’s fun for kids of all ages.

2) FAO Schwarz - It’s been a long time since I got excited about a toy store, but this one is spectacular. Marie and I only planned on spending 30 minutes or so walking through it, but once we stepped inside we got sucked in. They had a muppet workshop where you could build your own muppet, a barbie fashion show where you could dress up a barbie and send her out on the runway, a barbie Foosball table, a live magic show, and more! I’m not sure my parents could’ve pried me out of here as a child.

3) Chelsea Market - We didn’t plan on going here, but Marie and I passed it on our way to the Ingrid Michaelson concert. Since we had time to kill, we went inside. What a cool shopping center! It was very trendy and rustic - probably most popular with young adults. They had the cutest stores, boutiques, bakeries and restaurants inside. If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth checking out.

4) Forever 21, Times Square - If you like Forever 21 as much as I do, you’ve got to visit the new Times Square location. This massive 4-floor store is a tad overwhelming, but well worth the trouble. 

5) Tiffanys, 5th Avenue - My friend Marie requested to go here on our NYC trip, and I have to say as one who’s not big on designer jewelry, I didn’t have much interest in going. Once we went inside though, it was worth my while. Their Christmas decorations were amazing from the silver and blue Christmas trees to the diamond-studded staircases. It all looked so elegant.

5) Holiday Markets, Bryant Park, Columbus Circle, Union Square - From what I can tell, they hold these holiday markets in various parks throughout the city every year. Each park has rows and rows of booths filled with gifts, souvenirs and snacks. While we didn’t buy a lot here, they made for a fun and festive outing in the city. Marie’s favorite was the Kate Spade bubble booth in Bryant Park.

6) Apple Store, 5th Avenue and 59th - For all you techies out there, check out the Apple store by Central Park. From the street, its a huge glass square, and the actual store is located underground. Something for the dads to do while the kids are next door at FAO Schwarz.