A night with Letterman

Tonight when you’re watching Letterman, keep a close eye on the audience, and you just might see me! That’s right. On Monday when we were in New York, my friend and I won lottery tickets to a taping of the show. And here’s one clue as to who tonight’s guests are…

Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman from “Little Fockers.”

The funny thing is we weren’t even planning on going to the show. I had researched getting tickets, but you had to answer a trivia question on the spot if you got picked to attend, and I was sure I wouldn’t know the answer.

I ended up putting our names in for Jay Leno instead. Later though, I realized he didn’t tape in New York but rather in California. Go me. And to make matters worse, we actually won 3 tickets a piece to see Leno. Too bad we were on the wrong coast.

On the morning of the taping, we were actually just walking by the Letterman studio to see Rupert at the Hello Deli. My dad is quite a fan, so I went to get another picture with him.

As we passed by Letterman on our way back, they were announcing free tickets for this week’s shows. We figured what the heck, we might as well put our names in just in case.

An hour later I got a call saying we won tickets for that afternoon’s taping. Lucky for us, it was a taping for Friday’s show with the best guests of the week! 

I don’t have any pictures from the actual show - they warned us cameras were prohibited, and we didn’t want to chance getting thrown out - but it was absolutely amazing! De Niro was so shy and awkward it was hilarious, and Hoffman kept answering on his behalf. Together they were quite the entertaining pair. And it was so neat to be just a few feet away from them and to see how the show operates.

Looks like I can mark another thing off my 101 List (#5 - Be in the audience of a tv show).

If you’re ever in NYC, I’d definitely recommend going. They do the lottery weekday mornings from 9:30 - 11:00 I believe, so check it out! You won’t be sorry.

Hope you can catch the show tonight.