Walking the Golden Gate Bridge

After my friend’s wedding in San Francisco this weekend, I had a day to go site seeing before heading home. First item on my agenda: walking across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Looking back, it was quite an undertaking for a pansie such as myself. I’m not much for physical activity - although I did just join a gym, which even shocked my own mother - but for some reason I thought it would be cool to say I walked across the whole thing.

So Sunday afternoon I set out by myself, snapping pictures along the way.

They definitely weren’t lying when they said it was crowded. There were people everywhere! I thought for sure I’d get run over by a biker or two. And just a word of warning - be sure and stay on the “walking” side of the sidewalk. Some bikers scream at you if you stray over to their side (which I learned from experience).

One of my favorite things about walking the bridge was getting to see all the details you miss when you’re driving. Plus you can stop and watch dolphins, seals and people out wind surfing below. It was quite an entertaining walk.

(Bikers watching dolphins below…)

At the halfway mark, I debated turning around. Not only was it still quite a ways to the other side, but once I got there I knew I’d have to walk all the way back. (Picture at halfway mark.)

Fortunately I decided not to give up, and I’m so glad I didn’t because the view from the other side was amazing!

So now I can say I’ve walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Even though it took me four hours to do it (probably because I stopped to take so many pictures), and I ended up with blisters on my feet and really awkward half-arm sunburns, I loved the whole experience.

If you’re ever in San Francisco, make sure you take the time to walk the bridge too. You won’t be sorry!