101 things in 1001 days

If you’ve never heard of the Day Zero Project, you should. I recently stumbled upon it myself and was immediately fascinated. Simply put, it’s a 1001 day challenge to accomplish 101 of your life goals, both big and small. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

For me, I’ve found this to be a helpful tool in deciding on projects, activities, trips and skills I want to work on in the next few years and pushing myself to follow through with them. And my first item up on the chopping block - start a blog (check), where I’ll share my experiences as I make my way through the list.

If you’re interested in joining me, the project has a website where you can create a free account, compile your own list and track your progress as you reach your deadline.

Here’s the list I’ve created for myself. If you’d like to see how I’m doing in the future, you can always find updates under the 101 Project tab at the top of my blog. My deadline - June 21, 2013 (my mom’s 50th bday). Oops, she’ll probably kill me for that one later.

Well, I might be crazy, but here goes nothing… Wish me luck!